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What's Included?

  • 3 days of face-to-face personalized instruction
    • Flight, local transportation & accommodations provided
    • or attend via live webinar
  • Hundreds of pre-negotiated contracts for franchise referral commissions
    • No commission split
  • Legal support, on every transaction
  • Accounting support, on every transaction
  • Customized website
    • Search Engine Optimized
    • Fully Editable
    • Lead Generation Portal
    • We do not sell ads that redirect traffic off your site
    • Detailed tracking on your web leads
  • Daily industry webinars from:
    • Franchisors
    • Vendors
    • Legal Counsel
    • Mentors
    • Sales Experts
    • Mastermind Groups
  •  Legal Assistance with your administrative set up (forming your LLC or S-Corp)
  • Association Group Benefits
    • Group E&O Insurance
    • Open member lists
    • Encouraged camaraderie
    • Broker community forum
  • The most criteria of any franchise search on the market!
    • Fastest search available
    • Pinpoint accuracy for client matching
    • Automatic Comparison Reports
    • Franchisor reviews from other brokers
  • Develop existing businesses to into franchises
    • Create a niche
  • Certifications & Ongoing Training
  • Option to retake the class for free at any time
When you enter the FBA you are joining an international community of successful franchise brokers. You are never alone and can tap into countless opportunities simply not available anywhere else.

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 *Source: Franchise Update

We Believe in the Power of Franchising as a means for individuals to achieve their dreams of business ownership and of entrepreneurial success. It is one of the fastest and smartest ways to wealth creation today. This is why there has been so much attention drawn to the Franchise Broker profession in recent years. Franchise Brokers have the insider knowledge to help others create wealth through franchising while simultaneously being compensated and creating opportunity for them.

We focus on developing strong, educated, and articulate consultants. We achieve this through superior live training, e-training available on demand, live support staff, industry presentations, and sophisticated tools that position you as an authority to your candidates. Every day we change lives by making success easy and meaningful.

How It Works

The Franchise Training Institute (FTI) is a register Business Opportunity.  It includes all business start up services for someone that is not already a Franchise Broker to become one.  Franchise Training Institute is a licensed affiliate of the Franchise Brokers Association (FBA).  FBA provides all ongoing and support services to the members once they have been trained and are up and running.  You must first be trained by FTI to be eligible for an FBA membership.  

Sell Franchises with the FTI Franchise Broker Training

The Intro to Franchise Consulting Workshop consists of an online pre-training and business set-up outline, three day live-training workshop (webinar also available), and our “Jump Start” follow-up program with real time candidate inquires.

Qualified candidates will be flown to Orlando to meet our team and be trained at the corporate headquarters.  We provide transportation, accommodations and most meals during training, so you can focus on learning this dynamic business.  Training is conducted in an intimate classroom setting, focused on personalized instruction and broker participation. 

We not only supply you with a vast amount of resources, but we are here to build your skills, add to your credibility, and to support you in growing and developing your Brokering Business.

Advanced Franchise Broker Websites & Landing Pages

One of the most important tools brokers use is their personal website, or as we like to call it, your storefront. Before the FBA, training networks gave you a template website, identical to the websites of all of their other brokers; search engines have a hard time finding this content and, if it is found, it is difficult to differentiate yourself from all of the other franchise brokers with the exact same content.
We have had more brokers choose our organization for its advanced integrated technology and complete online sales solution than for any other reason; franchise brokering is in fact, an online business. We custom build each and every website for our members with personalized branding, content, social media, RSS feeds as well as BLOG capability. Our websites are not designed to produce advertisements for franchisors’ sites, but rather convert our brokers’ traffic into our brokers’ leads.

Do you have to constantly update your website with franchisor content?  No.  
We have full-time Franchisor Support Staff that updates Franchisor data daily.  These updates automatically populate on our members' site so everything is dynamically integrated.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In regards to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) our consultants’ sites are built in compliance with industry best practices and give you the ability to customize your own Meta Data and include tracking information such as Google Analytics.  We also include the ability to edit Keywords, Descriptions and Page Titles.  In simple terms these are the words that help identify you and which will be listed inside a Google Search.

Franchise Searching

The FBA Consultants’ websites feature a Franchise Search Tool. This allows your customers to search your inventory of franchises. Each franchise is dynamically linked to the FBA database. This means that whenever a franchise is added or modified in the database, it is instantly updated on your website.

Landing Pages

Definition according to Wikipedia: "In online marketing a landing page, sometimes known as a lead capture page, is a single web page that appears in response to clicking on an advertisement. The landing page will usually display directed sales copy that is a logical extension of the advertisement or link. 
“Landing pages are often linked to from social media, email campaigns or search engine marketing campaigns in order to enhance the effectiveness of the advertisements. The general goal of a landing page is to convert site visitors into sales leads." 

The FTI provides their trainees from the initial franchise training with unique landing pages. Each of these will need a domain name for which they will be linked. Each page is fully editable by the franchise consultant and is proven to be effective in creating online marketing ventures such as Pay Per Click Campaigns (PPC) or Email Marketing.

Marketing & Lead Generation

Get Better Quality Leads with FBA
The most important part of your consulting business is a steady stream of qualified candidates. We have FBA tested lead generation methods which have proven to be effective in any financial climate. Our leads are the cornerstone to our brokers success.  The FBA leads the industry with its instruction in its marketing and lead generation methods

Quality Leads = Deals Closing

Internet lead generation is a way for brokers to have daily activity in their consulting business and the FBA has relationships with lead generators that have the highest closing rate in the industry.  This is not a profit center for the FBA; our brokers save an average of $5 per lead and are able to directly purchase the lead from our vendors without interference, mark ups, delay or having leads resold to other brokers. The better the lead, the better the conversion rate, the more successful our brokers are. It is the FBA’s business model to grow its memberships through the success of the brokers we support and train. 

Client Tracking & CRM System

Once a lead is captured, our FBA-included CRM System will not only keep candidate information, but will walk our brokers through the entire sales cycle from initial inquiry through deal close. This program allows you to track EVERYTHING you need to complete the sale effectively without having to think about it.  The system gives you reports, workflow and project management allowing you to easily track your sales and organize your business with little effort on your part. 

Franchise Broker Resources & Technology

Live staff ensures our brokers are receiving the most accurate Franchise data and that their candidates have priority with our Franchisors.

With your member login to the FBA member site you will be able to search hundreds of Franchisors with the first and only Franchise Listing Service ( FLS)! Allowing you to search more information, with 10 times the criteria as other franchise database searches, and then use Franchisor Comparisons to analyze the franchise concepts side by side. Giving your candidates access to these unprecedented tools separates you from other brokers and builds value in your service.

Each week, the FBA administers Franchisors Specific Marketing Materials and Trainings for you to give to your candidates.  This allows you to do mass marketing to large lead lists and maximize your social media advertising.  We are your back end office and our goal is to make your job extremely easy.  We do this by giving you innovative resources to send to large audiences and increase your engagement of candidates. 

This is yet another FBA industry first. 

  • Comprehensive franchise detail search ( FLS)
  • Compare your search results in a custom franchise comparison grid.
  • Community forum complete with franchise reviews
  • SEO-optimized website storefronts for brokers with their own franchise search
  • Custom Franchisor-specific landing pages to drive traffic to your website
  • Integrated BLOG where you can openly promote Franchises
  • Franchisor Marketing Materials created for you
Live Support Staff

The FBA provides live support for you and the management of your business; from a dedicated Broker Relations Manager to Franchisor Management and IT help, the FBA is here to provide you with all of the support that you need to run your business.

The FBA has a formalized and structured ongoing support system for all of our members. Whether they are a Franchisor or an FBA Franchise Consultant, the FBA has in place managers for each type of member who oversees and ensures timely and accurate responses from the FBA's team of experts.

In order for support systems to be effective they must be organized, structured and provide accountability.

Brokers can always get their questions answered immediately and have the backing of the team for anything at all related to their business.  You can't automate relationships!  

Our brokers don't have to be web experts because the FBA is, with a full-time IT department paid for by your membership. The FBA thinks of everything in today's broker world because we are run by active brokers. 

Franchisor Relations Manager

  • Ensures accurate franchise data
  • Oversee Exposure to Brokers
  • Assists in distributing information
  • Directs questions to advisors
Schedules & administers Franchisor promotional materials

Broker Relations Manager

  • Brokers direct liaison to the 
    FBA & Board of Advisors
  • Manages & monitors the mentor team
  • Assists with broker coaching
  • Oversees broker tools & resources
Ensures quality curriculum
FBA Initial Training & Membership Provides
  • Live weekly meetings with the Executive Director
  • Live Broker Realations Team
  • Franchise Sales Compliance Certification
  • 8 Week Jump-Start Program
  • Weekly Deal Help
  • Mentor Team
  • Attend a subsequent Intro To Franchise Consulting Workshop ANYTIME
  • Largest database of webinars, podcasts and presentations in the industry
  • Live daily webinars